The Deluge program is a reliable and consistent file-sharing program.

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Deluge pursues to be a lightweight, feature rich and a secure client, and in order to achieve the above, most of the features which are a part of the plug-in modules are written by miscellaneous developers.

A brief introduction

Deluge was the result of a project initiated by two members of the, named Alon Zakai and Zach Tibbitts. They previously hosted and maintained the project at Google Code but eventually moved the project to its own website.

Deluge was originally titled gTorrent in its initial stages to reflect that it was targeted for the GNOME desktop environment. When Deluges first version was released on the 25th of September 2006, it was renamed to Deluge due to an existing project named gTorrent on SourgeForge, in addition to the fact that it was finally coded to work on any platform supporting GTK+ along with GNOME.

The release of the version 0.5.x demonstrated a complete rewrite from the 0.4.x code branch. The 0.5.x branch added support for encryption, binary prefix, peer exchange and UPnP.  During the approaching release time of the 0.5.1 version, two original developers quit the project, assigning Andrew “andar” Resch and Marcos ‘markybob’ Pinto to perpetuate the development of Deluge.

The version received support for both Windows and Mac OS X (via MacPorts) and was introduced and during this particular time , Deluge became notable for its resistance to Comcast’s bandwidth throttling without a change in code , while the clients like uTorrent and Vuze (Azureus) had to borrow the method implemented by Deluge.  From the version 1.1.1 to version 1.1.3, due to the Windows packager quitting the project, Windows installers were temporarily unavailable. Proceeding version 1.1.3, the developers no longer provided packages for the non-Windows operating systems and instead community provided packages and source tars were released. 

A review

The initial impression of Deluge may seem a little disappointing as it looks a little strange and scattered when compared to the other free torrent clients. However, the interface is pretty convenient, it’s not difficult to navigate through it if the user has used another torrent client previously. Once you install Deluge, it extends the user an opportunity to completely tailor the program as desired, something other clients could imitate and introduce in their applications.

Essential Links:

You can download the Deluge program from the official website here.

You can download the Deluge program from an external website here.

You can be a part of the Deluge BitTorrent Project on the Deluge Forum here.

You can access the Plugins available for the Deluge program here.

You can access the User Guide for the Deluge program here.



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