The Privatefirewall product, as your Personal Firewall, protects your machine from threats.

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Privatefirewall is a personal firewall that protects your machine from various threats that put your data at risk. Developed by Privacyware, this program continuously monitors inbound and outbound traffic of your computer, and decimates any action that has the potential to put your data under threat.

The application does not cost you a dime, and despite being free, is void of annoying add-ons such as toolbars, adware or any other third-party software. All these features, and more, come together to make the Privatefirewall product a popular one in the freeware segment.

A Simple Interface and Comprehensive Reporting

The two factors that determine the usability and dependability of a good firewall program are how easy the interface is to comprehend, and how extensive are the reports that will give us firsthand information on the performance of the program.

Privatefirewall does an excellent job on both fronts. Its interface is simple to understand, and at the same time, has all the comprehensive tabs and sections that are necessary to configure the firewall in line with your network and program requirements. Every detail is organized in a user-friendly manner, making the application a breeze to operate.

When it comes to reporting too, the application offers users comprehensive reporting in the form of advanced reports that record a thorough and detailed log of traffic, inbound as well as outbound, all related events, and all these with intricate details such as port details, IP details and protocol details.

Apart from performing these primary functions in a comprehensive manner, the program also offers users several other features.

Some Other Features

Additional features that make Privatefirewall a popular product in the freeware and firewall segment include –

An advanced packet filtering technology that keeps a tab on all the communication that occurs between the computer and the internet, ensuring that no outbound or inbound unauthorized traffic makes its way through.

Allows for different security levels such as High, Low and Custom. The usage of both, the internet access channels as well as Local Network channels can be streamlined by choosing between these levels, depending on the security that the user seeks.

These, as well as a steady lineup of several other features make Privatefirewall a Personal Firewall of choice.

Essential Links:

You can download the Privatefirewall program by clicking here.

You can download the Privatefirewall program from an external source by clicking here.

You can read more about the Privatefirewall program by clicking here.

You can learn more about Privacyware and its various products by clicking here. 



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